GPD Win 4 Gaming Handheld Sells in China for $864

The GPD Win 4 gaming portable is now available for purchase in China. It was already made available for pre-order, and GPD expects more players to embrace the new offering. Yet, the GPD Win 4’s pricing exceeds its pre-sale price.

GPD Win 4


RAM/storage choices for the GPD Win 4 Handheld WiFi Edition range from 16GB/512GB to 32GB/2TB. The GPD Win 4 Handheld Back Clip 4G Version will also be available in 16GB/512GB and 32GB/2TB storage capacities. Four options are available for the handheld gaming device’s WiFi and 4G versions.
The GPD Win 4 incorporates a R7 6800U processor and a sliding design. It operates on Windows 11 and supports Steam OS. It employs a 6-inch screen with Corning Gorilla Glass and a 1080p resolution for eye protection. It supports 40 Hz and 60 Hz refresh rates and 368PPI. The two ends of the GPD Win 4 fuselage are shaped like an arc, resulting in greater force dispersion.
The ergonomic design of the projecting handle of the handheld device. When gaming, the optical finger mouse eliminates the need to repeatedly adjust the handle/mouse switch.

GPD Win 4

The GPD Win 4 Handheld has a 6-axis gyroscope for somatosensory gaming. The joystick has reverted to its original dislocated arrangement, and the rocker cap has been divided into a skirt and a cap for a more secure grip. Adjusting or turning off the brightness with the backlight remaining on is possible. The handheld can be connected to a display, while the shoulder button adds a multicolored lighting effect. Moreover, the lighting effect can be altered between several modes to accommodate your gaming mood.
The 16GB/512GB WiFi Version of the GPD Win 4 gaming handheld is available from Jingdong in China for 5,999 yuan ($864). The most expensive model is the 32GB/2TB Back Clip 4G Edition, which costs 8,499 yuan (about $1,225).

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