Microsoft Limits Bing ChatGPT Limit to 8 Turns Per Talk

Microsoft has officially upped the Bing ChatGPT turn limit to eight per conversation, up from six last month, in response to community demand and criticism.

All users currently enrolled in Bing Preview will receive the upgrade to the expanded chat capabilities today. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that Bing has a daily conversation restriction of 100 turns and that inquiries that just return SERPs (search engine results pages) do not count towards the Chat limit.
Another change is the addition of a turn counter to show how many chat turns have already been used in a given conversation on Bing Chat. Users found it difficult to foresee when they would have to reset to a new topic due to Microsoft’s conversation chat restriction, which inspired the development of this function.

A new feature called “Chat Tones” has been rolled out with the most recent version of Microsoft Bing, as noted in the release notes. Users can change the chat’s tone from “Precise,” which provides shorter, more search-focused answers, to “Creative,” which provides lengthier, more detailed comments. The balanced option falls between the two extremes of precision and creativity.

Based on the chosen chat tone, the user interface of Bing will either be purple, blue, or green. According to Microsoft, the purpose of the new Chat Tones is to provide consumers with more control over how their conversations are handled.

Last but not least, the new revision fixes certain issues with the current Bing ChatGPT. Microsoft claims to have fixed chat behaviours that stifled comments unnecessarily or made users seem hostile or antagonistic. After the revision, Bing’s solutions should be more interesting and offer more detailed observations.

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