University of Calabria Italy Scholarship 2023

Open to students from outside the European Union, the University of Calabria encourages international students to apply for a grant to pursue a master’s degree.

University of Calabria

Scholarship benefits:

The scholarship is nearly entirely supported and allows students to study at one of the greatest universities, in addition to the incredible number of scholarships available in each major.

Details about the University of Calabria

The University of Calabria is an Italian public university based in Rende, Calabria. It was established in 1972 and has become a regional hub for scientific research and teaching.

The institution provides undergraduate and graduate degrees in various disciplines, including engineering, the sciences, the humanities, the social sciences, economics, law, and education. It comprises nine faculties, over thirty departments, and about 35,000 students.

The campus is on a hill overlooking the city of Cosenza, with a stunning panorama of the surrounding mountains and sea. It includes lecture halls, research laboratories, a library, sports facilities, and student housing.

Particularly in the physics, mathematics, engineering, and chemistry departments, the university is noted for its robust research initiatives. It also significantly emphasises internationalisation, allowing students to study abroad or participate in foreign research initiatives.

The Università della Calabria is a respected institution with a long history and dedication to research and education excellence.

Description of the University of Calabria master’s degree scholarship in Italy:

*The country is Italy, and the academic level is a master’s.

*Calabria is the name of the city. 

*Awarding body University of Calabria: Università della Calabria

Students from outside the European Union are the focus of this program.

The fellowships

During the academic year 2023-2024, the University of Calabria will grant 150 scholarships to international students enrolled in the 10 International Master Degrees taught in English and 90 scholarships to international students enrolled in the 30 Master Degrees taught in Italian. The scholarship comprises tuition expenses, free amenities such as room and board, and a € 2500/3000 stipend.

Scholarship funding offered by Università della Calabria

The University of Calabria will provide the following cash for 120 scholarships:

The University of Calabria will provide the following cash for 120 scholarships:

*University tuition (1,000 euros)

*Free housing and cafeteria and restaurant access on the university campus (6,000 euros)

A monthly allowance of about (1,700 euros)


*Students must be from outside the European Union. 

*Students must possess a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a comparable subject. 

*Academic excellence is required of students.. 

*Available majors.

Necessary Documents:

*The passport’s first page and the biography.

*Certificate of Bachelor’s Degree.

*A duplicate of the transcript.

*English language certificate, if applicable, or proof of completion of a bachelor’s degree in English.

Instructions for Applying:

*Register via the university’s online application portal from this page. *Sign in to your account from this page.

*Identify the selected master’s program.

*You are required to select “CALL FOR NON-EU STUDENTS.”

Important: You may only apply for one course of study; if you desire to change your major, you must withdraw your previous application and submit a new one.

The application date is April 12, 2023

You may ONLY apply for ONE Degree Course; 

*if you wish to switch degree courses, you must cancel your previous application. 

*If necessary, you may upload the missing assessment-relevant material within the call’s deadline. 

*For assistance, please contact [email protected]

Full details of the scholarship 2023 are here 

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